May 5 to 12 Songs

by Bellows

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Evil 02:38
i haven't seen you in a while how've you been my friend? i'd rather talk about your job than tell you how i've been though i've been fine this year's been tough though - you know how that goes i don't wanna be so tired, sleepy all the time dejected by my freedom, feeling done with all this life of driving cars, DIY show nothing to show sometimes i think that I lost a secret light something pure that guided me in innocence is tired i don't feel right speaking to strangers or almost ever... an evil in my eyes you didn't get to see was calling out for freedom, you could hear it easily it says "you are kind you are not lonely and your song's so lovely" delicate and fine - there are things that break this blight sometimes I hear a tune and I do everything but cry the feeling's wild: the edge of temper, where beauty enters believe me that a dream that comes to you in sleep can be a thing of beauty if you fight it into being a mortal form flawed and ugly, but still a body
Midland, TX 02:49
toured enough times in Texas that it doesn't feel so weird asked you for a drag just to stand next to you out here I know I'm gonna fail you so hard I know I'm gonna fail you so hard lost our coats in spring time, we balloon into the pond i let the water tackle me absolving me of what? the harm I never caused you but meant the worst regardless you felt my hatred rising just let me dive into it cannonballs and swimmingholes the darkness in these halls I raced for disaster but you didn't follow take off your t-shirt, dissolve into pieces the pond is the reason
its comfy, leaning on your arms on the subway too drunk to speak to you, I'm crowing! out of control again, bulldozing on twitter that you knew to take away from me we don't speak careening through the neighborhoods mindlessly this is what love is as far as i can see no icing on the birthday cake, a silent movie the sunrise i like it in the middle before daylight the purple that appears before the blue sky in simple terms its why i get so weird on tour i get so bored careening through the country socks in sneaks this is what devotion is as far as i can see no icing on the birthday cake, a silent movie
and the show was over in a cloud of smoke and the smoke reminded me of a foggy yellows of a yellow car with the gasket blown and a basket on a bicycle with a bellowing horn at the bellows show with my spirits low with the window facing me, i was in the zone nothing to declare no, there's nothing there i have nothing to say to you - were you expecting something cool? there was something raw and discretely shown about the vision in the window pane, the reflecting glow saw a silhouette it was me, i guess i was compartmentalized in a pane of glass to be vaguely seen as a human being to be a vision in a window pane staring back at me can you see your self? or maybe someone else when you think about your face is it weird and yellow? is it vaguely seen? are you a human being? is your reflection staring back at you what you want to see? no, of course it's not at least its not for me but its not so terrible when I see it squarely it's a vague idea of the way you're here of the corpus gifted you by a couple beings doesn't mean too much, or maybe nothing at all but it shows you where you start, where you want to go you can see it all in a silhouette the dimly lit weird shape of you that you might regret but don't dwell on things in the mirror seen just the physical shape of you worn so preciously when you let it go - maybe at a show suddenly the rest of you starts to show what you left unseen as a human being you gotta let the rest of you overtake your body and just disappear
Toast 01:49
toast with milk and eggs, the things i never can replace "the house of the rising sun" the songs i no longer sing along with forks have split the road but the middle is always where i go the part with the thorns and the bramble the worst way to get to where i'm going oh i meant to fall in love oh i meant to be more graceful oh i meant to love the world in awe of everything around me but the one thing i've realized is i still just want the toast
Crayon Crush 02:03
i wish i took a little time to figure out myself to put it all together and make a mess 14 years old i was so in love and when we broke it off i was completely crushed when i was a little kid i wanted nothing more than to be just like my dad and mother id take pieces of cardboard and make ID cards fold up laptops and crayon keyboards i wish i took a little time to figure out myself willed into depression as a bright young male started smoking cigarettes to prove myself to make it more apparent that i needed help fictional willingness to be more dark fiction in the middle of a water park something there was clouded in a brutal form slipping into happiness and warmth oh an accidental life force a beauty never meant oh an accidental power source a wisdom never meant oh an accidental dream life reality never meant oh i accidentally was born
frankie is a hoarder and a hog, a very greedy dog
i always thought a day would come when we wouldn't be together would not admit that i could not imagine better but i want to be with you it's so hard for me to do to say i'm with you and i want nothing more than it i always thought a day would come when i would quit the music would not admit that i had no excuse to do it but i want the secret drones the voice on microphone i want to be your own, whoever listens to it i always thought a day would come when i would lose the meaning would not admit that i knew nothing to begin with i want the Eiffel Tower i want that secret power i want the steeples now


(THIS DIDNT COME OUT IN 2013, i wrote that cuz you can't customize the order of your albums on bandcamp anymore, which they should change, and Blue Breath needed to be the homepage. some one who works at bandcamp should read this and change your system back!)

i wrote and recorded a song every day for eight days, from May 5th to 12th, 2015. these are the songs i wrote in chronological order


released June 12, 2013


all rights reserved



Bellows Brooklyn, New York

Bellows is the bedroom recording project of songwriter and producer Oliver Kalb.



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